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Campership Fund


Camp is more than just a few weeks of fun, adventure, and companionship, it's also a place that fosters independence, confidence, leadership, and a sense of community - - some of the things that we want for our sons. However, many boys are unable to attend a camp because the cost of camp is prohibitive for their families. Although Night Eagle is one of the smallest overnight camps in New England, since our beginning we have strived to make it possible for less advantaged boys who truly want to be part of Night Eagle to spend part of the summer with us in Vermont.


Now, the American Camp Association (a non-profit, public benefit corporation) has established a program through which camps may give camperships to children who otherwise would not be able to afford to attend camp. As an ACA member, Night Eagle is eligible to participate in the program.

We believe that the Night Eagle experience has the unique ability to break down economic, geographic, religious, ethnic, and social barriers, and that there is no better place than the natural world to teach boys about respect, honor, responsibility, integrity, and community. Night Eagle provides boys the opportunity to learn fire making, earth shelter building, nature awareness skills, wilderness skills (such as tracking, bow and arrow making, and hide tanning) while also teaching them to respect and care for the earth and their fellow man.

If you would like to make a tax deductible donation, simply make out a check payable to the ACA Campership Program with Night Eagle’s name in the lower left-hand corner. The check may then be sent directly to the ACA or to Night Eagle where we will collect contributions and forward them to the ACA. The ACA credits funds received to Night Eagle’s account, and we select our campership recipients.


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