• Bruce Moreton

6 Reasons to Send your Son to Night Eagle Where Electronic Devices are Not Allowed

(Adapted from an article by Melanie Hempe, RN)

1. Young brains need a break so they can connect with nature, real life, and real people instead of fixating on the virtual world of their games.

2. Summer camp is a ripe opportunity for deepening bonds with friends and building social skills. Screen-free activities allow creativity, eye contact, and communication including observing and interpreting facial expressions, body language, and vocal tone. It’s impossible for video games to build those skills.

3. Without phones and video games, the door opens to creativity and exploration. Give you son the gift of unstructured time at summer camp. Without his devices, he will find other things to do and explore.

4. Without video games to distract him, your son will get more exercise, more sunshine, and more real rough-and-tumble play - - ingredients critical for optimal brain development.

5. Electronic devices remove your son socially, emotionally, and physically from hanging out and relaxing with friends. If your son is plugged in, he will miss the priceless memories that happen with relaxation. It would be a shame to miss out on Arctic Arrow’s hilarious puns and summer Bear’s stories and antics. Experiencing new things makes summer camp fun, priceless, memorable, and healthy.

6. So much of a boy’s life is planned and presented to him. Many boys do not create their own entertainment, but have it spoon-fed to them. At camp, there are decisions that need to be made every day about what activities to choose, whether to find wood for the tipi, and to do during free time. It all builds relation-ships, life skills, patience, and funny stories that become family lore.


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