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P.O. Box 479,  Wallingford, VT  05773 / (802 446-6100 / Bruce@nighteaglewilderness.com


"In wilderness is the preservation of the world."

           - Thoreau                   


Welcome to Night Eagle. . . the way summer camp was meant to be!






Our small camper/staff population fosters the development of a strong community in which 

boys feel safe and learn to live and play without

electronics in a spirit of cooperation rather than competion.

Night Eagle is a unique, primitive summer camp    

consisting of no more than36 boys, whose ages range from 10-14, and 12 dedicated staff members. 

We are situated on 135 forested, tick-free acres in the heart of Vermont's beautiful Green Mountains and are completely surrounded by 365,000 acres Green Mountain Forest.


Four campers of mixed ages and a counselor live in each of our 20 and 22 foot Lakota style tipis.

The Appalachian and Long Trails are a 20 minute hike from our entrance.

Words from the director . . .

"Boys today need a place like we had when we were growing up, a place they can call their own, where they can use their imagination and have their own adventures - - real adventures, not the kind you find in television shows, movies, or computer games. Night Eagle gives boys the opportunity to put away their cell phones, reconnect with friends, and live more closely with nature. 

Through our activities and the slower pace of life in camp, boys naturally develop a deeper respect for the land and a sense of personal accomplishment as they learn to live competently in the woods and play together in a spirit of cooperation rather than competition.

I invite you to learn more about us to find out why Night Eagle has played such an important part in the lives of so many boys. Explore our website, request a brochure, send us an email, or give us a call. We'd love to talk with you!"

Words from a former camper . . .

"Looking back, no other experience has had nearly the influence Night Eagle has had or continues to have on making me the man I am today. I find it difficult to express my gratitude through an email, but I can give it a shot.  


Night Eagle has never left my mind, nor will I allow it to. I find it difficult to express to others my experiences at Night Eagle and how it has shaped my life.  It is understandably ‘weird’ when I say I would like to go back to living in a tipi without electricity. I find myself torn between the binary lifestyle I am now living and the free one I was so lucky to experience.  I find myself contradicting myself, building my own computer, owning an iPhone, working in a cubical; all intensifying my desire to clean the Maxwell houses (latrines)!  

The farther I find myself from Night Eagle, the closer my heart becomes to it. What you have done has exceeded any relevance in my life, shaping, defining, breaking, and rebuilding me into who I am.  The gift you have given every boy who has stepped foot in camp has been that of miracle work that I can only wish to duplicate."

                                                                                                                                                                              - Raven Shines                                                                                                                                                                                               (Camper 2004-06)

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Read a terrific article about us in Baystate Parent: page 72

6 Weeks      Sunday, June 28 - Saturday, August 8


4 Weeks      Sunday, July 12  - Saturday, August 8


3 Weeks      Sunday, June 28 - Saturday, July 18           3 Weeks      Sunday, July 19  - Saturday, August 8  


2 Weeks      Sunday, June 28 - Saturday, July 11             2 Weeks      Sunday, July 19  - Saturday, August 1


1 Week        Sunday, July 12  - Saturday, July 18             

1 Week        Sunday, August 2 - Saturday, August 8