An aerial view of the Night Eagle camp clearing from a small plane



By car, plane, or train, getting a camper to (and from) Night Eagle is easy! We are just 2 hours from Hartford, 3 hours from Boston, and 5 hours from New York City.


Night Eagle is located within easy driving distance of Manchester, Killington, Stowe, and other scenic areas of Vermont offering numerous seasonal activities.


Find out more about the region from Manchester and the Mountains Regional Chamber of Commerce website.


Please write, call, or email for Night Eagle's free brochure which includes complete driving directions and other transportation information.


Night Eagle Wilderness Adventures, Inc.

P.O. Box 479, Wallingford, VT  05773

Phone (802) 855-8661


Directions to Camp

Night Eagle is located in Wallingford, Vermont. A GPS should get you to camp (2126 Wallingford Pond Road), but we recommend that you use the following directions just in case:


From Route 7: In Wallingford, VT (last place for flush toilets), turn onto Route 140 East; go 2.1 miles; turn right onto Sugar Hill Road (gravel road); go 2.1 miles; turn right onto Wallingford Pond Road (gravel road); go 2.2 miles. The road ends at the camp gate.


From I-91:  Take Exit 6 then turn left onto Route 103, North (toward Chester).


Pay attention as you approach Chester as the road takes a sharp right just before the village center. Continue north on Route 103. 


Go through the town of Ludlow - (2nd to the last place for flush toilets).

11 miles past Ludlow turn left on Village Road - at the Mac’s Citgo with the greenhouses (last place for flush toilets) - into the village of East Wallingford.

Take a right at the T (just past the post office on your left) onto Route 140 West.

Go less than half a mile, cross the railroad tracks - you are looking at a 3 way split -  immediately turn left onto Sugar Hill Road (gravel).  You should now be on a (very bumpy) gravel road with a big dairy barn on your left. Go 2.4 miles and turn left onto Wallingford Pond Road (gravel road). Continue for 2.2 miles. The road ends at the camp gate.