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A counselor and two campers empty water from a canoe

What Parents Say About Night Eagle

"Sending Blue Spruce to Night Eagle is probably the best thing I've ever done for him. After only three weeks, he came back more confident and open to new experiences. He was more helpful and more interested in learning to play the guitar or explore outside than sit in front of a video game. It was like his experience at camp rebooted him. The positive effects are still evident, but he has gotten sucked back into the high tech, self centered, instant gratification culture. That's unavoidable, but I'm so glad he'll get to immerse himself in nature again this summer. Your campers are a wonderful group of boys, and what you've created at Night Eagle is very special. I especially love that the campers are expected to make meaningful contributions through work, have quiet time for reflection and individual projects, and experience the joy of giving during giving circles. Thank you so much!

- L. Parker (RI)

"A.J. and I can not thank you enough for the experience you provided for our son Southern Willow. On our way home yesterday when we left camp, he was pretty quiet. Of course A.J. and I were thinking maybe he was more homesick then he initially let on, or he had an issue with another camper. We got home and while I was outside cooking dinner, he came out in tears. He wanted to talk and tell me what was bugging him. He said through many tears that he never knew that friendships could be like that. After many hugs there were so many great stories about his week. We can't thank you and your staff enough. What a gift you have given our son. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts."

- H.& A.J. Murphy (CT)

“ In nature, a boy finds freedom, fantasy, and privacy: a place distant from the adult world, a separate peace.”


- Richard Louv

Three campers posing for a photo
A boy eats homemade pizza he cooked at camp
Boy carving a stick

"Night Eagle gave my three sons (Mountain Fox, Blue Mesa, and Snow Deer Speaks) experiences they NEVER would have had otherwise - - being with nature, being WITH people, boys, friends, and adults, intimately instead of technology or fast paced connections. It gave them an experience with a different pace of life - - a pace about real living, patience, kindness, and consideration. I love my boys the best when they've come back from camp. It's all about building the community and bonding with each other, about being responsible for yourself, and about loving themselves and the natural world. It gave them great self-confidence, and a strong sense of self. Honest - - no one is paying me to say all this! It's just the best place for a boy at this time of his life and in our current culture. All boys would love it - - no doubt!"

- B. Haessig (NJ)

"Our boys, Sunburst Bear and White Hawk, were in love with the world upon their return from Night Eagle! They have always loved nature and getting dirty and exploring, but at Night Eagle they were able to enjoy a level of immersion that was satisfying and the right balance of challenge and safety. We feel blessed to have had Morning Rain and Eagle Dance as our sons' counselors. They each displayed a level of kindness, compassion, and tact with our boys. We are planning to send them for four weeks next summer.

- J. Ligon (TX)

A boy using a drawknife to make a bow on a spokeshave bench
Boys pose after digging through a bowl of flour in search of a piece of chocolate
Survival Skills Boy lighting a tinder bundle

"How can I begin to thank you for the extraordinary time Sun Spirit had at camp?! Words feel inadequate to the task but I will try. When I first saw him when I came to pick him up - bronzed, calm, radiating contentment, bare butt showing from the side of his breechclout, bare, dirty feet - I was struck. Such a vision of happiness.


Then, as we took three  hours to say good-bye, it was such a pleasure to hear all that he learned about, what he did, and to see him go up to each person, have some words and give an embrace. He felt so connected to the community: 'I learned so much. I can’t wait to tell everyone what I learned!'


So if I didn’t say it strongly or clearly enough, thank you for creating an experience that is so different, full, flexible, and outdoors. Sun Spirit loved it and we couldn’t be happier.


It is an amazing experience you have constructed. I feel so fortunate for our family, that you exist, for Sun Spirit's sake. I’m so happy for him that he had such a great time!

- E. Shorb (NJ)

"Thanks so much for the lovely letter about Looks To The Stars. He hasn’t stopped talking about camp and his desire to return. We plan to sign him up for three weeks starting in late July next summer. It was a magical experience for him. He’s been inspired to hike the Appalachian trail sometime…will need to invest in a lighter sleeping bag for him for next time!


Thanks for all you did to provide such a formative experience for our son. It was everything he hoped for and more. He keeps talking about the community, where he felt seen and a true sense of belonging. So invaluable and affirming."

- A. Gray (NY)

Bowl Burning.JPG
Two boys splitting firewood with an axe
Boys playing tug of war
Boys playing a game of "No Smile"

"You cannot begin to know how much Arctic Fox's Night Eagle experience has meant to him (and us). Everything about his camp experience was absolutely top-notch. Before going to camp he would hesitate to try new experiences. In three short weeks our son went from a shy boy lacking in self-confidence to a young man who now expresses himself and his interests. Now, when he tackles a job or chore he works as though on a mission with confidence and attention to detail. He speaks warmly and fondly of his fellow campers where before he said little about anything. He's opened up emotionally, physically, and spiritually. He has grown in your wonderful, natural, and fun environment!"

- C. Wade (VT)

"As a mother, I am deeply grateful that there is a place like Night Eagle, a place in the wilderness where men and boys can be themselves in all of their glory - - a place where it is okay to be quiet, peaceful, inquisitive, thoughtful, and a place where it is okay to be wild and free and humorous and spirited! A place where all kinds of masculinity, in community and individually, are honored and modeled. Camp for Woodland Wisp truly marked a rite of passage. He came home grounded, happy, and older. He came home with a renewed sense of community and caring, having had great experiences that were totally his."                    

- A. Heitmann (CT)

Boy wearing a breechclout in the crow's nest of a tipi
Camper eating a fried grasshopper

"Thank you so much for starting and running Night Eagle. I can hardly put into words how valuable this community has been for Mountain Friend. You helped him connect to his true self - - and to feel comfortable in being himself. After this last summer he has been saying "Thank You" for EVERYTHING. Thank YOU for helping to encourage considerate and conscious behaviors in the young men of our next generation. thank you for having a space where being good is encouraged, valued, and celebrated. Night Eagle is one of the few places my son enjoys interacting with his peers because of the level of respect expected of your campers. Thank you - a million times - thank you!"

- J. Cincotta (WA)

"Thank you for inviting Prairie Dance to join you this summer.  I know that he really enjoyed himself. I also know that he came back to us more confident in himself, and his abilities. But more than that, he came back with a definite sense of really liking who he is. He has definitely been calmer, and making mindfully conscious decisions about what he does and who he does it with. 

I am thankful to you, Arctic Rain, and the other staff and camp participants for providing a space for him to stretch out and experience himself in a different way."

- L. Byrd (NY)

A camper in an apron poses with lettuce
A joyous camper celebratingIMG_2280.jpg
Two boys paddling a swamped canoe

"We are very pleased. We learn a little more about Southern Sky's experience (and a little more about survival) every day. The main difference we've noticed in him is more of an attitude of gratitude, which is lovely, and a bit more willingness to do chores when asked. We discussed his spotty work ethic with his counselor, when we dropped him off, and clearly the daily chore period had the desired effect. 

I think you'd get a kick out of hearing him quote Arctic Arrow at appropriate moments in conversations. It seems like acting honorably is the main theme. You have a great deal of power in your hands with Night Eagle. Southern Sky has always had a built-in desire to do the right thing, and in these formative years, I think Night Eagle will set that in stone. Thank you for that.

Night Eagle just gets better. Night Eagle life is so natural for Southern Sky that the various miracles that take place there seem to him to simply be the outcomes of doing right. He shares the jokes and funny stories with us, but the ‘real' stuff simply comes out in his character and day-to-day integrity. Night Eagle is SO much more than just boys getting dirty. It’s about being clean on the inside.”      

- L.J. Bridwell (CT)

Boy holding a staff
Survival skills - A boy uses a bowdrill to start a primative fire
Boy holding up a slice of pizza at Night Eagle

"I honestly can't thank you enough for the experience you've created for these boys.  When I was growing up I went to a camp that is still probably my favorite place in the world, and it was so important to me that Mustang Wind got the same camp experience.  You've made this magical place where he feels free to completely be himself, while exploring and growing and turning into something more than he is.  It is, quite honestly, magical.  He's looking forward to next year being his last year as a camper, and then to moving on to being an AC and eventually a counselor.  You've really done a wonderful thing, so thank you."

- M. Brown (NH)

“I really enjoyed being able to pick Sun Circle up myself and see the camp. He had such a great time, and I have never (NEVER) seen him that happy and comfortable with himself. I was so proud of him.

I can't tell you how much confidence Sun Circle has gotten from being at Night Eagle. He is like a different kid! Just the fact that he is trying to earn money to return to camp, is one example. He is already trying to save his money to help pay for camp next year. . . he wants to stay for the three weeks next time!  In the past he never (even with my encouragement) would have had the courage to go up to one of our neighbors who had just had a tree cut down and mulched, and ask them if they would like for him to spread the mulch for them. These are neighbors that live a ways down the road, and he does not know them all that well. He did it and they said yes. He spent the day moving mulch, then they asked him to come back the next weekend and cut their grass. (So now he is $30.00 closer to Vermont!)"             

                                                                                                                                                               - L. Morris (VA)

A camper celebrates winning the apple bobbing contest
A boy holding a spear he made at Night Eagle
Boy holdin a clay snow woman

Distant Thunder is clearly in his element in the woods and among these other 'wild' young woodsmen. I am so thrilled that he has been given the opportunity to discover himself in this way, and to emerge from the Green Mountains accepting, appreciating, and embracing more of himself than ever before. When I had the opportunity to ask him how things were going at camp, he responded that he has never been happier. He asked me why the whole world can't function as Night Eagle does, where everyone is accepted for who they are, and fairness and respect for the earth and each other rule. I can relate to Distant Thunder's longing. How blessed he is to have discovered this 'alternate' way of being at such a young age.”

- J. Cory (NJ)

"I want to thank you for the tremendous experience Grey Moon Rising had at Night Eagle. It sounds as though his two week stay was truly extraordinary. He regaled us last night with so many great stories and thoughts about the experiences he had and about the other campers and counselors."                            

- R. Fogarty (NY)

"Spirit Brother  loved Night Eagle! He very much wants to return next year. Three weeks was barely enough to experience every-thing he wanted to. He came home a gentler spirit: gentler toward others, toward the world, toward the environment, and toward himself."

- L. Peterson (VT)

Survival skills - Two campers in breechclouts using hand made fishing spears at a Vermont lake
A boy lying on a rock outcrop while reading a book
A muddy camper wearing goggles

"Spring Otter loved Night Eagle and wants to go back next year for six weeks! He seemed a changed boy, looking more confident as if he had found himself. He seemed to be in his element running around in a breechclout, playing games, making crafts, and totally integrated with nature."

- J. Holland (VT)

"We're definitely back in our normal lives in Switzerland. School and work have started. However, our boys (Rising Lion and Laughing Spring) are still talking about the camp and their new friends. It simply was an unforgettable adventure. Thank you again for having made this happen."

- M. Willi (Switzerland)

"Panther Smiles absolutely loved Night Eagle! He made friends and discovered that (in his words) 'You can be popular without being cool.' He will return for a longer session next summer."

- The Woolheisers (MA)

"Thanks so much for the images of Blue Bobcat and his new "gang." He loves Night Eagle with every cell and can't wait to go back. There is not a day that goes by without him mentioning something or singing a song from camp. I find he gained an even greater sense of self and a spirit shared by others that really changed him in an upward way. Thanks so much to the whole community!"

- S. Edgerton (Quebec)

Boy carving a bow
Lashing a rack to smoke jerky
A boys poses with the camp dog

"We want to extend a very big thank you to you for Night Eagle and the wonderful experiences Loon Magic had in his two weeks there. A day does not go by without some discussion on American Indian history as Night Eagle has sparked Loon Magic's interest and provided a distinct reference point for what is sure to be an important point of some homeschooling curriculum this year. 

And there are all the “intangibles” which continue to reveal themselves over time. Loon Magic speaks fondly of all the counselors and campers. We thoroughly enjoyed Visiting Day and the opportunity to get a greater sense of the place and people which you have so thoughtfully brought together. Thank you again, it was wonderful for him to be part of it all.


We enjoyed meeting you (and Little Bear and Snowy Owl!) and admire all of your efforts!  Continued best wishes to you and Night Eagle!"

- J. Simms-Levy (NY)

Snow Cougar Dances loves Night Eagle. Every year he’s gone he has had an incredible experience. I really didn’t think it was possible for him to have an even better time this year than last, but he says it was the best one yet! He always returns from camp more thoughtful, introspective and aware, as well as confident and happy. I’m sure next summer will exceed his expectations once again! Thank you again for providing such a safe, nurturing yet challenging and unique environment for our son.”

- L. Boden (RI) 

A camper preparing for a game
A tipi group of campers and their counselor
Survival skills - Camper scraping a moose hide

 “Another amazing year at Night Eagle... what a very special camp you have created! It seems to offer such an excellent balance of guidance and independence - just right for these boy-men. We’re so glad to have Night Eagle as a counterpoint to Dancing Heart’s other life experiences. Hopefully, it speaks to his spirit in a way that keeps him centered through the year. It’s still a beautiful world. Thanks for holding the sacred space in which to enjoy it!”

- V. Wilke (CT)

“You have created a magical experience at camp -- a place where time is suspended, where the strings to ordinary culture are released, where the separations between life forms are bridged. Our family is grateful for the centeredness that is found at Night Eagle. May these binoculars support our 'vision' in your second decade of camp. May you carry the expansive vistas with you all year long, and know that your wisdom makes a difference in the lives of many.”

- V. Bennett (CT

A boy poses with a large moth
Who has the egg game
A boy gathering cattails for camp projects

“I would like to thank all of those at Night Eagle for giving our son, Tree Otter, a tremendous wilderness experience. Wilderness has not been a big area of interest for him as a 9-year-old. He came away from Night Eagle with a great camp experience that brought him in touch with nature in a way that was just what was needed. He loved his two weeks with you and wants to come back for more.


Perhaps the best bit of praise came when we looked up at the stars on the Saturday night after picking him up.  We saw a few… not so many in New Haven. He got all excited and said something like 'you should have SEEN the stars at Night Eagle! There were billions! It was the most awesome thing I ever saw!' To hear those words come from a boy who would lock himself in front of a TV screen if given the chance was a real sign of the door you have opened for him.


This doesn’t even include praise for spear making, canoe battles, sneaking games and great food… Thank you!”

- B. May (CT)

Morning Mist has formed a strong connection to Night Eagle - he loved his stay and is committed to coming back. I believe it nurtures his best qualities and challenges him to grow and strengthen the places he is challenged. As a parent, I could not be more pleased with his experience at Night Eagle and support his wish to return 100%. Expect our sign-up soon!”

- L. Poulsen (VT)

Primitive Skills boy knapping arrow heads
A group of camper leaders at Night Eagle
A boy reads a book by candlelight next to a campfire in his tipi

“This summer, like all the prior years, was wonderful! What set this year apart was Sky Lynx's newfound confidence in himself. He seems to deal with things in the simplest of terms. He takes only what he needs, whether it is material, emotional, or spiritual, therefore not wasting or leaving any of it unused. He is walking through life taller. It’s hard to believe sometimes that he is only 14. He is so mature. Five years at Night Eagle has helped to form the remarkable person that he has become.”

- K. Johnson (VT)

“Two weeks after getting home, Sunset Pine still missed what he called ‘the structure of the day at Night Eagle.’ He wants to remain next year for a month.There hasn’t been a single comment about anything that he wished had been different. He enjoyed the people, the food, the activities, the tipis, the sweats, the moose, the bear, the grasshoppers, the hikes, the bare feet, atmosphere, etc. He still has his medicine pouch around his neck. I suspect the only way it’ll come off is if it rots off someday. Night Eagle was the highlight of his summer, and probably one of the highlights of his 12 years."

- M. & D. Becker (ME)

“Thank you so much for the perfect experience for Hawk Singer. He hasn’t stopped talking about it. Friday night was the first night he slept in the house (a week after he returned from his stay at Night Eagle) and he wasn’t happy about that. He’s been cooking breakfast over his campfire for his family as well as his Dad’s employees. He had a perfectly wonderful time. Thank you again!”

- L. Lacroix (NY)

Two boys splitting firewood
Flour covered faces after a game
A boy dicing onions in the food shelter

"I just wanted to send a note of thanks to you both for the two weeks Raven Mist spent at Night Eagle.  He had a really great time and a memorable experience. I can tell you that when my wife and I picked him up at the end of camp, starting from our walk back to our car in the pouring rain he did not stop talking about everything that he had done at camp for an hour.  Neither of us could get a word in of our own and were amazed at what we were hearing.  He had nothing but great things to say about ALL of your counselors."

- N. Danenbaum (NJ)

"Thank you for the wonderful summer camp experience Erik--or Western Moon--enjoyed! He was telling me all about it and wants to come next year. He seemed to be a better listener after picking him up, too. All the campers and families I ran into had good things to say. I hope the rest of your summer goes swimmingly."

- S. Dahl (RI)


Thanks for these wonderful pictures of Otter Path and his friends! What an amazing opportunity for all these boys!! Thanks to all that put their time and effort into making Night Eagle a remarkable camp!"

- K. Most (FL)

Two boys sawing firewood
Boy weaving a hemp belt
Fox Brother & Southern Wolf.jpg

"I was so impressed with your wilderness camp. I wanted my son to de-stress, be a part of nature, get away from technology and Nintendo and CD players. In this fast paced world of technology, the children want and need the space to kick back and be part of the real world; nature. Grey Oak came out of the woods the day we went to pick him up with his head held high and a gentleness in his voice that was nature."

- K. Bahr (MA)



“Thank you so much, Bruce! Questing Squirrel is still talking about Night Eagle. It has changed a place deep inside him. He especially enjoyed the crafts and making popcorn in the tipi, and has happily shared many of the skills he learned with me. Since I got to spend a night in camp (the highlight of my summer), I can say that the leadership demonstrated by both Arctic Arrow and the staff was of very high quality.”

- E. Reasor (CA)

Arctic Hare had a great time! He wants to both return and stay longer. His experience lingers in his attitude toward nature and his point of view. He learned lots and enjoyed camp in a deep way. The inherent spirituality of Night Eagle resonated with him.”

- M. Siegrest-Jones (VT)

Boy and his paper mache mask
Two brothers posing for a photo
A boy playing an Indian flute

"My boys had a terrific "Indian" Summer...every boy should be immersed in nature with ones to guide them.  Raccoon Seeks the Way returned to his mother a kinder, gentler young man and New Moon Shines appears rather pleased with himself and is walking more confidently.  They both want to return next year!  Thank you for what you both did this summer and thank you to all the wonderful boys that befriended my children."

- E. Liebson (NY)

"I just want to thank you once more. Iktome had a WONDERFUL time in camp and told me that he wished he could have stayed longer. I am so amazed by the changes in him that I certainly believe are a result of this unforgettable experience he had at Night Eagle. He is acting so mature and calm!  I also want to thank all the counselors for their kindness and patience with him.  I asked him who his favorite counselor was, and he told me that it was hard to say because all of them were exceptionally kind. Again, I am so thankful for you and Bruce making it possible for him to have such a memorable experience.  I thought he was so peaceful and grown up when I saw him."

- M. Shamberger (MA)

“Well, Badger Smiles has arrived home. For about an hour he told us all about his wonderful summer in Vermont. We are all so proud of him and so happy that he was able to enjoy himself in a beautiful outdoor atmosphere. All the expectations we had for the summer were met and then some. He has grown up so much and feels sooo much better about himself and everything he does. He’s already talking about next year!"

- S. Hoffman (NJ)

A camper shooting his bow at a target
Two Boys creating hemp crafts
Boy holding a balsam pillow

"Thank you for the gift of Night Eagle to so many. It continues to be a most nurturing, healing, and maturing experience for Mountain Friend. 2020 = 6 weeks!"

- J. Lineberger (VT)

"Night Eagle Wilderness Adventures is a phenomenal camp.  My 12-year-old son, Foxfire Oak, spent five summers there. Our son grew more confident and capable every day he spent there.  It was a transformative experience for him.  He spent weeks barefoot, bathed in a lake, slept in a tipi, hiked, listened to stories about Native Americans, and learned that other kids and adults can support and love him!"

- S. Trombley (VT)

"Fantastic! We can't thank you enough for the extraordinary experience you have provided for our son. Marsh Hawk thoroughly enjoyed every minute of his time spent with you at Night Eagle and is looking forward to returning again next summer for THREE weeks. A big thank you to Woodland Sage for watching over our boy and keeping him safe and happy. We hope to see him again next year.  


"Marsh Hawk says, 'It was a pleasure to be at camp and I will FOR SURE be back. I miss you all very much.' He will be dreaming of you through those long snowy nights this winter!”

- R. DeFusco (NH)

Two boys with a knife
Two boys playing an Indian game
Primitive Skills a boy holding an arrow head he knapped

"All the way from Germany we would like to send our regards to you and your family. Our son Kian- ICE OTTER - had a wonderful camp experience and is already talking about going again next year. Thank you very much and enjoy the rest of the summer."

- J. and O. Kermani (Germany)

“We couldn't be more thrilled with Buffalo Drum's experience. We can't imagine that he won't make his life with Night Eagle.  I don't think there could have been a more perfect camp for him.  In fact, he designed a Native American community on the computer that he wanted to establish.  I think it already exists in Vermont!  We also appreciate that you see his gifts and named him so.  He is the heartbeat of us, too. We stand in awe of your devotion to the Native American vision and how you allow it to manifest itself in the experience of these boys.”

- E. Zecher (MA)

Two Wolves' life has been changed by camp. He now spends his time buying feathers, leather, wood, and carving tools. We attend archery lessons every Saturday and practice in our back yard. He is so knowledgeable about names of wood, American Indian culture, survival skills, etc. I am impressed!” 

- J. Matlock (NM)

 A boy with a bull frog
Ceremony before the evening game
A boy wearing his hobblebush choker

South Wind Rising had a great time! All of your counselors and staff were very friendly, responsible and knowledgeable about wilderness living and safety, and we felt completely comfortable with leaving our son in your care. He also came home with a new favorite meal: “German food” as he called it - mashed potatoes, carrots, and sausage all mixed together. Finally, some growing food that he likes!”

- L. Crow (MA)

Summer Lynx has been sleeping a lot, eating a lot, and generally recovering from a fantastic couple of weeks!  His feet are still black despite a few baths, and he prefers to go barefoot.  Good signs! Thanks so much for everything!”

- A. Faulkner (VT)

“As you probably suspected, Bird Song will be returning to the campfire at Night Eagle! He continues to share stories and life from his Night Eagle days. It is at the core of his being - who he is and who he continues to become, much as the music of the Beatles was for me, minus the drugs!"

- R. Eddy (CT) 

“As we departed Night Eagle, Forest Wind said, “I feel like I am leaving a part of myself here.” We listened to him share more about what it feels like leaving a part of himself at the camp, and then he said this final thought, “I feel like I’m in my element here.”

- G. Potwin (VT) 

A boy sits down holding a carved walking stick
A group of boys preparing to leave on a three day hike
A boy playing spear and hoop

“Year after year the staff has been great. I like the way the staff leads by example. Swirling Snow always has great stories to tell about the staff and the new things he was taught. He loves tipi living and would love to build one in the back yard. He loves Night Eagle and can’t wait for summer!”

- B. Oster (NJ) 

“I want to thank you for providing Buffalo Dance with a magical month..... and giving him so much wisdom. He was quite different when he arrived back..... very open to change in life, and determined to be less materialistic. Long may it last!"


I know he was terribly sad to leave you all. I appreciate enormously your care and attention... and as I say, for teaching him so much.”     

- N. Dingwall-Main (France)


"My son (Thunder Willow) has been going to this wilderness camp for 4 years. It is an exceptional experience. If you think camp is about fine dining and 4 star hotel accommodations this is not the place. If you want a camp experience for your kid that really enriches their experience of nature and deep connections with peers, an experience that will be radically different from your normal everyday life, an experience that will give your son pride and self confidence and a sense of accomplishment, then - - this is the place."

- A. Eichman, (MA)

Primitive Skills Boy burning a bowl with a coal
Two boys on a hike
A boy wearing a large floppy hat

"My daughter had found her peeps at another summer camp, but my son Southern Song was harder. Night Eagle turned out to be a perfect fit for him, and he found his place too! A place for boys to do all the boy things that they long to explore and more. As a parent, I appreciate the technology free zone of summer camp as a healthy space for growing minds. Southern Song is proud of his experiences at night Eagle."

- G. Dexter, (NY)

"What an amazing time Sunburst Bear and White Hawk had at Night Eagle. It's amazing how they recaptured some of their childhood while growing in leaps and bounds in so many ways! Our expectations as parents were more than met, and the boys would like to return for four weeks next year.

"White Hawk cried as we left camp he was so torn and Sunburst Bear began singing loudly (a personal first for him) as White Hawk and Rising Wind spontaneously joined in - - it was beautiful to hear."

"What you are doing to grow boys into responsible and thoughtful young men is awe inspiring. We truly appreciate all of the hard work that goes into making Night Eagle the haven for our children that it has become."

- J. Ligon (TX)

A boy blowing up a leaf
A boy holds a garter snake in his hands
Boy swimming

"Foxfire Ash led us on a two-night trip to White Rocks last week. The boy who sometimes struggles with executive functioning planned the entire trip including all meals! And his fire-making skills are impressive :) He has also been working on his snares (he still wants to catch a rabbit) and sanding his atlatl down to a shine."

- T. Klinck (VT)

"It's so heartening to know that our kid has a place where he truly feels at home and valued. He actually came home from camp, grabbed his bow drill and was working making a fire when a nine-year-old neighbor walked over and Otter Fox showed/taught him what he was doing. This sparked an interest in creating a nature/wilderness group for kids, which has yet to take off, but the seed has been planted."

- B. Merrill (VT)

"What a wonderful camp!! Thank you so much, my son came back with confidence and fun stories."

- H. Eames (VT)


"We are so thankful for all you have given to Mustang Mist  through the experience at Night Eagle. I hope that all he's learned to love about himself and the world through NEWA's eyes will remain in his heart and soul forever!"

                                                                                                                                                               - C. Papyna (LA)

Two campers walking together
A camper in the bow of a canoe
A happy boy wearing his homemade choker

"My son is dreaming about coming back to Night Eagle. He met his best friend there. They still keep in touch and call each other almost every day. He still recalls everything that happened to him there with the warmest feelings. I do really appreciate the team, the concept of the camp and how it was released. We do share the values that were represented there. I love the fact that kids were taught to appreciate the nature and to be independent in self serving. Thank you everybody, who made it happen."

                                                                                                                                                                   - Anonymous

"Western Moon had the time of his ife and will remember this summer fondly. We were impressed with his counselor as well and are sure the other counselors were great too. You've made it through Covid and natural disasters, I guess there's no stopping Night Eagle! In a world that has become ungrounded with virtual baloney, you are creating lasting impressions and values within these young men that will last a lifetime!"

                                                                                                                                                                     - S. Dahl (RI)

"Thank you so much for everything you did for my son and for my family. Serhii was very positively impressed with you and the camp you organized! He came back with many stories, and a strong desire to come back to your camp next summer. I do really appreciate all the values you shared and taught the boys like my son. He benefited from every single second of being at Night Eagle!"

                                                                                                                                                T. Cheredaiko (Ukraine)

A smiling camper sitting on a rock in camp showing off his hobble bush choker
A boy using a bow drill to get a coal
A camper leader leaning on a tree

"Thank you! I loved reading the end-of-camp letter you sent and seeing the pictures. Silent Squirrel will enjoy reading it too. He didn't finish his choker, but he has all the parts and is planning on working on it. He enjoyed Night Eagle. I know he learned a lot and grew while he was there. I feel like he became more confident in himself. We keep hearing wonderful stories about Night Eagle.Thank you for providing such an amazing experience for these young boys this opportunity."                                                                                                                                                                                            -  J. Whynot (MA)​​


"Thank you so much for sending his counselor's end-of-camp camper letter. I love how it reflects both the strengths of Desert Drum and the strengths of the camp to support the growth of its boys. We are excited to celebrate the major accomplishment of 25 years with Night Eagle in 2024!"                                                                                                                                                                                             - F. Halperin (MA)​​


"Just a quick note to say thank you so much for another three weeks. Western Owl had a wonderful time again and came back serene, recharged, and healthy. We are so happy that this is a place he will return to. Perhaps next year he can be an assistant counselor."                                                                                                                                                                                                                              - Olivia D'aponte (NY)

A counselor and camper share a letter
A boy sliding on a slip and slide
Counselor and boys making pizza
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