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Survival skills - Campers harvest cattails for use in crafts and activities

What Campers Say About Night Eagle


“There are some places that just feel like home. Night Eagle is a home away from home. I had a lot of fun there and made really good friends. The counselors and the campers were really nice. We did a lot of fun activities. I want to go back and do slack ‘em, tomahawk throwing, archery, the sweat lodge, coyote coolers - it’s a lot!  I want to go back to relive it all and to do activities again and learn how to become a better person, and help others to

learn that. I learned a lot from camp, a ton.”

- Arctic Hare (9), VT

“I come back to Night Eagle because I can find peace that I can’t get anywhere else. I come back because I know that Night Eagle makes me a better person. Night Eagle is one of those places that leaves a mark on you no matter how long you stay. To me, coming to Night Eagle for a month is just as important as nine months of school. Everybody is your friend here!”

- West Wind (14), CT


"Night Eagle is so much cooler than my other camp. Next year I'm going to come for six weeks!"

- Raccoon Plays (10), VT

“I have been going to Night Eagle for five years. I come back because of the community. At Night Eagle everyone looks after each other and doesn’t criticize you, even if you do something wrong. As one counselor put it, “I come back to Night Eagle to make me sane again.” I think that when you go to Night Eagle you will come back a more respectful, caring, hardworking and responsible person."

- Woodland Wisp (14), CT

I ran around barefoot, playing and laughing. I explored the woods and learned how to live off the earth. I was proud of my separation from “society.” I was shirtless and free, and I connected back to nature, which has a powerful ability to bring us together and learn what is really meaningful.


After my Night Eagle name was given, I realized what this place means to me. It is a place of meditation and introspection, where there is a community around you that supports and teaches you what it means to be happy, live a full life, and be close with others. All lessons I carry with me wherever I go.”

- Rainbow Medicine (14 ), NY

“Night Eagle is a restart button for me. At home I am a very introverted person. Here at Night Eagle no one judges me like they do back home, so I can be completely different, and I become a lively and happier person. Thank you Night Eagle!”

- Sun Circle (13), VA

“I am a camper and a camper leader at Night Eagle, and I have experienced this wonderful place first-hand. The experience is remarkable, and nothing like it has, and in my opinion will, change my life and my persona. Night Eagle, to me, is an oasis in the middle of a stress, scheduled, and "technologically based" life. It is a great way to escape the pressure of modern day society, and I love every minute of being there.”

- Red Deer (13), CT

"Night Eagle is great and I come back because everybody accepts who you are. Everybody there has something in common. Everybody enjoys being with everybody else."

- Two Moons (12), VT

“I play a lot of sports in school and I admit I was a little nervous about coming to Night Eagle at first because it is so different than other camps. But when I saw the tipis in the middle of the clearing and how friendly everybody was, I felt right at home. I’m definitely coming back next summer for a longer session!”

- Drum Runner (12), NJ

“In a way, I don’t want to tell my friends about Night Eagle because then they’ll want to come. I guess I’m selfish, but I want to keep it as a place where I can be myself, which is pretty different than I am in the real world.”

- Sky Lynx (10), VT

“I find myself constantly remembering the three summers I’ve spent at Night Eagle. It’s been so much fun!  I can still picture the faces on everyone when they got their Night Eagle names and ate their first grasshoppers, and I’ve learned more about the American Indian and how to live in the woods without a lot of high tech equipment. Night Eagle has made me a different person. I respect life more now and can look at a simple leaf and think of what it has done to make life better. Next year I hope to be a part of Night Eagle again. But is it possible for me to come for 4 weeks not 3?  I feel that 3 weeks is not enough time. I hope you can make this possible!

- Hidden Spring (13), NY

"Night Eagle is one of the best camps I have ever be to. I love it because there is always something to do and everything you do is really fun. Night Eagle lets you express yourself and show your talents."

- Red Fox (14), MA

“I don’t know of any other camp like Night Eagle where you can live in tipis and do all the different things that we do here. Before I came here, I didn’t even know what a ‘hawk or atlatl was. Now, I’m good at throwing both! You know I’ll be back next summer!”

- Questing Squirrel (11), CA

“Two years ago when I first came to Night Eagle, I wrote in the camper questionnaire that the only thing that definitely didn’t interest me was wearing a breechcloth. I still can’t believe that after only two days in camp that summer, I was the first new camper to ask if I could have a breechcloth because I wanted to wear one. The program was so cool, and things were so different than they were back home that I had to try one. Besides, nobody cared what I wore.

- Snow Otter (12), VT

"My favorite part about camp is all the crafts that we get to do - - beadwork, leatherwork, carving, bow making. There's no way you can do all the activities in one summer, much less in one session."

- Buffalo Calf (13), VT

“I came to Night Eagle looking for a camp and instead, I found a family.”

- Starlight (12), NY

"Night Eagle is a place where you make friends, learn outdoor skills, have fun, and get to be in the outdoors. I feel more at home at Night Eagle than I do at my house. Night Eagle isn't a camp, it's a community."

                                                                                               - Turtle Awakens (14), VT

A boy splitting fire wood
Boy weaving an ash basket
Counselor shows a camper how to throw a tomahawk
Boy playing a homemade drum
Campers playing Buffalo Robe
Two campers cooking pancakes
Boy chopping vegetables for a meal at camp
Boy in breechclout sanding a staff
A boy using a Spoke Shave bench
Canoers in a race
A boy lights a candle in his tipi
Two campers raising a smoke flap pole on their tipi
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