Never in our lifetime has summer camp been more important than it will be this summer. Boys need a

         break from technology, a refuge to escape the worries of the outside world, and a chance to play in                            the woods among friends as they deeply connect with Nature. We hope your son can join us as we strive to            provide the kind of experience that boys desperately need and deserve.


                   We Invite You to Enroll Today!

Night Eagle offers one, two, three, four, and six week sessions from which families may choose.


The ONE WEEK SESSIONS are designed to give youg, new campers a "taste" of Night Eagle. We have found that campers usually take three to four days to acclimate themselves to the lifestyle and slower pace of life at camp. By the time one-weekers begin "getting into camp," it's time for them to go. Still, because of family schedules, one week may be the best option for some families.

The TWO WEEK SESSIONS offer a well-rounded camp experience for young and less experienced campers. Boys enjoy a wide variety of activities, and usually look forward to attending a longer session the following summer. 

The THREE, FOUR, and SIX WEEK SESSIONS offer the best opportunities for campers to become more active in the community, develop strong friendships, experience personal growth, assume leadership positions, and fully participate in the Night Eagle program.

Night Eagle accepts payment by check or through the PayPal links below.

NOTE: To pay full tuition, send a check or click the appropriate button below. If you wish to send a deposit or to send only a part of the tuition at this time, send a check or create a PayPal account (at no charge) and send the amount you wish to Night Eagle's PayPal account:    



If you prefer to use PayPal, please remember to submit your son's application before paying online.

Click here to download the application and other documents.


1 Week Sessions

  1st July Session: $1,200

                        June 28 - July 4









 2nd July Session: $1,200

           July 19 - July 25

2 Week Sessions

  July Session: $2,110

                 June 28 - July 11









August Session: $2,110

         July 19 - August 1

3 Week Sessions

  July Session: $2,860

                  June 28 - July 18









August Session: $2,860

                 July 19 - August 8

4 Week Session

       August Session: $3,425

               July 12 - August 8

6 Week Session

    Full Session: $4,945

                  June 28 - August 8


"To Be A Man"

        Full Session: $450

                  August 9  - August 15


Registration Policies


A $500.00 deposit is due with this application for each applied session if applying before January 1.

If applying between January 1 and April 1, the $1,000 Deposit and half of the remaining tuition is due with the application. For applications after April 1, the full tuition is due with the application.

The full tuition is also due when applying for "To Be A Man."

The deposit is accepted via Check or Paypal during the application process.

Cancellation Policy


In the event of withdrawal, tuition is refundable, minus a $100 processing fee, if written notice is received by the camp office by April 1st. No refunds will be made after April 1st for early withdrawals, session changes, late arrivals, or no-show campers, except in the event of documented physical illness of the camper. In the case of such an event, 50% of unused tuition will be refunded.