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A group of campers working in the Night Eagle garden


"Humanity must shift from

living on the

earth to living

with her." 



Diet is an important part of the summer experience at Night Eagle. Emphasis is placed on whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, and unprocessed foods. Our own small herb and vegetable gardens offer an array of activities. Although weeding and hoeing may not be the most popular activities in camp, they give campers opportunities to experience firsthand the satisfaction that comes from working with the earth and seeing the result of that work at harvest time. At mealtime, boys are more ready to try unfamiliar foods, especially if they helped to prepare them and grow some of them!

All food in camp is prepared by the campers and counselors in our food shelter, which is designed to serve delicious meals in a sanitary manner. Menus are approved by a certified dietician, and everything, including our water source, is inspected each summer by an official from the Vermont Department of Health who consistently scores our food shelter in the 90's. In 2020, in the midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Night Eagle received an outstanding score of 95!

Food is always plentiful and is cooked by the campers and counselors over an open fire or baked in our homemade oven. Then, after the conch calls everyone to circle up for a meal, the food is served buffet style in our open air dining structure.

A camper shows off food he prepared
The Night Eagle Food Shelter
Campers and staff cook a meal for the camp
A boy cooking burgers over an open fire at camp
A camper watches over a homemade brick oven
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