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A boy gathers cattail reeds for camp activities


“And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.”

- Kahlil Gibran



Activities at Night Eagle tend to spring from the environment and teach boys to rely on their own ingenuity. Each day after breakfast and again after rest hour, counselors announce the activities that will be offered. Campers may select the one that appeals to them the most or continue with a project begun earlier. Without the distractions of the outside world, campers are soon busy tanning hides, creating birch bark baskets, carving possession sticks and bull roarers, and learning various beading techniques.


Campers may spend part of their day in our own wetlands or in a nearby wetland in the Green Mountain National Forest collecting a supply of cattails to study for survival hikes or to use to make a duck decoy, reed mat, visor, whip-dart, or debris hut.

A boy uses fire to burn out a wooden bowl
Survival skills - A boy uses a hand homemade pump drill to start a fire at camp
Three campers playing home made didgeridoos
Surviva skills - A boy scrapes a deerhide using traditional methods

Some campers may choose to tackle craft projects such as making drums or didgeridoos, carving bows and arrows or atlatls, whittling spoons and bowls, tanning deer or beaver skins, making pitch-glue, designing and carving atlatls, beading on looms, lashing a raft, shaping and firing primitive pottery, or carving hobblebush chokers,

Others may opt to participate  in more active activities, preferring to learn stalking and camouflaging techniques, tracking, spruce gum making, or orienteering. Maybe a few will convince a counselor to lead them on one of Night Eagle's famous "get lost" hikes or on a swamp romp. They might even head off into the Green Mountain Forest to do a bit of trout fishing. With over 100 activities that Night Eagle has to offer, the possibilities are limited only by what their imaginations can devise! Have you ever played stone bocce?

Campers and staff using atlatls and darts
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