Five boys playing home made didgeridoos

Our Program 

"We did not weave  the web of life, we are merely a strand in it. Whatever we do to the

web, we do to ourselves."


         - Seattle 

A camper wearing hand beaded necklaces leans on a carved walking stick


There are few places left in this world like Night Eagle where boys can be themselves, get back to nature, and learn to rely on their own ingenuity. If a boy is looking for fun and adventure as well as a place to make lifelong friends, Night Eagle is the answer! 

As you will discover, Night Eagle offers a significant            alternative to the standard summer camp program              and provides a unique opportunity for boys to grow            physically, spiritually, socially, and emotionally in a              small, caring environment. 

The outdoor experiences gained at Night Eagle are                intentionally different from those of our regular lives        and are in keeping with the woods and lakes around            us. We encourage boys to take advantage of a variety of      activities and games and to develop new skills. Boys

find excitement in the discovery of the subtleties of              nature, the unexpected satisfaction of hard work, the          pleasure in developing physical skills, the joy of honest        friendships and, especially, the fascination of getting to        know themselves.

As one father wrote, “My son had a truly wonderful and      wondrous time at Night Eagle. He has returned with a        certain peace and quiet confidence that makes me even      more proud of him. I don’t know how you do it, but              please keep on doing what you do!”


How we do it is easy. We give boys space to be boys,              surround them with nature-based activities, and listen        to what they have to say. They take it from there!


7:00   Polar Bear Club
7:45   Wake Up/Circle Up
8:00   Chore Period
8:30   Breakfast
9:15   Morning Reflection
9:30   Morning Activities
11:30 General Swim
12:30 Lunch
1:00   Rest Hour
2:00   Afternoon Activities
5:00   General Swim
6:00   Supper
7:00   Evening Activities
9:00   Quiet Time in Tipis

(Remember, since there are no clocks or watches at Night Eagle, all times are approximate or "Night Eagle time.")

Staff and campers swimming at Buttermilk Falls Vermont