• Bruce Moreton

10 Ways to Keep Night Eagle With You at Home

1. Circle up before meals with your family and have a moment of silence.

2. Kick off your shoes and walk barefooted around your house, or if you live in the North, go wading through the snow.

3. Teach some friends how to play a Night Eagle game like “Sticks” or “Crack About” or “Justice.” Marsh Wind and Cedar Fox playing “Justice!”

4. Read or write by candlelight.

5. Try cooking something that you made at camp for your family. Then really impress your parents by doing the dishes.

6. Tell a friend a story from camp.

7. Sing a camp song: “Dancing Circles in the Night”; “Tis a Gift to be Simple”; “Wearing My Long Wing Feathers”; or “Way A Hey Hey!”

8. Give up your bed and spend the night sleeping on the floor in your room, or better yet, spend a night outside.

9. Think about your Night Eagle name and the characteristics you have that people spoke about at your naming.

10. Take a moment at night to reflect on your day and give thanks for all that you have.


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