• Bruce Moreton

Night Eagle Alum Published!

Earth Song a Night Eagle camper, first AC, and later a counselor in the early years of camp has published a book!

Folks who were at Night Eagle in 2003-2005 will remember Earth Song as an admirer of the American Indian and a re-enactor who taught himself to speak the Delaware language. But they also remember him as a camper and counselor who loved the woods and led many wild food and plant identification hikes around Night Eagle.

Now, after years of research and hard work, he says that he has “finally completed the final edition of my guide to American ginseng habitat.”

Ginseng is arguably the most famous plant native to North America. This identification guide covers all of the most commonly encountered ginseng companion plants found in an area stretching from Quebec to Maryland and is the only resource of its kind.

Amazon touts the guide as a comprehensive reference for ginseng growers, diggers, amateur botanists, and for any-body interested in this fascinating plant and in the old forests that are its home.

Earth Song says that you can find the book on Amazon, but if you want a 15% discount, he suggests that you purchase a your copy of Identifying Ginseng Habitat: The Northeast and Mid-Atlantic on instead of the big booksellers.


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